Welcome to Howard County, Iowa

Howard County Iowa - Sheriff

Duties & Responsibilities

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Duties of the office include but are not limited to the following

 Reports of, and investigation of, thefts,



 Illegal drug activity,

 Reported child and/or domestic abuse,

 Accidents and all other criminal allegations.

 Deputies are also responsible for the enforcement of traffic laws.

The Sheriff's Office is also required to carry out duties related with civil process including but not limited to:

 The Sheriff's Office is responsible in enforcing state and county laws within the county.

Howard County Sheriff's Contact

Office of the Sheriff

124 South Park Place
Cresco IA 52136

Monday - Friday  8:00am -  4:00pm

Phone Number: (563) 547-3535
Fax Number:
(563) 547-9296

County Sheriff: Morris Miner

Deputies:  Ryan VandewalkerDarwin Kueker, Deputies: Shane ThorstenRich Hollenbeck, 

Downloadable Forms used in the Sheriff's  Office