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About Howard County Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors has both legislative and administrative powers and is the policy making body for Howard County government with its authority to adopt legislation and policies for department operations, the Board sets priorities, allocates resources, and maintains budgetary control.

The budget process is the most important power of the Board.

The duties of the Board of Supervisors can be found throughout chapter 331 in the Code of Iowa. Click Here regular sessions of the Board of Supervisors are held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday mornings. 

Boards and Commissions Served on Include: 

  Turkey River Watershed Infrastructure - Jerry Steven 

  Northeast Iowa Community Action  - Joe Pisney

  Northeast Iowa Behavioral Mental Health  - Pat Murray

  1st Judicial Dpt of Corrections Pat Murray. Joe Pisney, Alternate

  North Iowa Juvenile Detention -  Pat Murray. Joe Pisney, Alternate

  Upper Explorerland Regional Planning  Jerry Steven. Joe  Pisney, Alternate.

  Regional Transportation Policy Board - Jerry Steven. Joe Pisney, Alternate.

  Emergency Management  - Joe Pisney

  HAWC Empowerment - Joe Pisney

  RC&D - Pat Murray       

  Regional Transportation Advisory -  Joe Pisney. Jerry Steven, Alternate.

  Northeast Iowa - 3 A -  Pat Murray

  Howard County Board of Trustees Liaison - Pat Murray

  Empowerment Executive Board/ Empowerment Team - Joe Pisney

  Hazmat Board - Jerry Steven

  CIDC Board - Pat Murray,  Liaison

  Upper Explorerland Executive Board -  Pat Murray

  Revolving Loan Fund-Upper Explorerland - Pat Murray

  Wapsi Trail Board -   Jerry Steven. Pat Murray and Joe Pisney, Alternates.

  North East Iowa Regional Housing  Trust Fund Board - Joe Pisney

  Housing Inc. - Joe Pisney

  Howard County Economic Development - Pat Murray

  County Housing Trust Fund -  Joe Pisney

  Regional Housing Authority Board -  Joe Pisney

  Turkey River Watershed Authority -  Jerry Steven. Joe Pisney, Alternate.

  Upper Iowa Watershed -  Joe Pisney, Pat Murray, Alternate.

  Turkey River Authority Board -  Jerry Steven. Joe Pisney, Alternate.

  Wapsi River Watershed Authority  -  Jerry Steven. Pat Murray, Alternate.

  County Social Services -   Pat Murray. Jerry Steven, Alternate.

  Howard County Board of Health -   Pat Murray

  Region 1 Iowa Workforce Investment Board Elkader - Jerry Steven     

District(1): Pat Murray
531 3th Ave E Cresco, 
IA 52136

Term Ends January 1, 2021

District (2): Joe Pisney
16532 10th Street Lime Springs, IA 52155
(563) 203-1407
Term Ends January 1, 2023

District (3): Jerry Steven
223 Busti Avenue Elma, IA 50628
(319) 240-6575
Term Ends January 1, 2023

Howard County Board of Supervisor's Contact

Howard County Courthouse
137 North Elm Street Cresco

IA 52136

Monday Mornings - 9:00am
Phone Number: 
(563) 547-9204
Fax Number: (563) 547-9229

District (1) Supervisor: Pat Murray

District (2) Supervisor: Joe Pisney

District (3) Supervisor: Jerry Steven

Regular sessions of the Board of Supervisors are held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday mornings.