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Howard County, Iowa - 911

Duties and Responsibilities

About 911

 Howard Co 911 exists for the receipt and disposition of a 911 call.

 911 Service Board also maintains the County Communication System.

 When should I call 9-1-1?

 To report a crime in progress.

 To report a fire.

 To save a life.

 Anytime an emergency response is required by law enforcement, fire or emergency personnel.

 Do you have a blue and white 911 sign by your driveway? Do you know there is an ordinance requiring it? (See “Ordinance” link)

 They are required to be in a certain location. *(NOT on your mailbox) (See “Sign Placement” link)

 To order your Blue and White 911 sign or if you have questions, contact, Darrell Knecht.

Howard Co Emergency Management & E911

124 South Park Place Cresco IA 52136

Monday - Friday 8:00am -  4:30pm
Phone Number:
(563) 547-9208

Fax Number: (563) 547-9244

911 Director: Darrell Knecht

  Cell phone Number: 641 220-0591